The latest development of the Knelson GX concentrating cone is culmination of 40-plus years of research and operational experience. For decades, Knelson ™ concentrators have been synonymous with industry-leading gravity recovery of fine gold and precious metals. As atop product in its field, no other system on the marker has proven to supass the performance of Knelson Gravity Concetrators. At the heart of this gravity separation technology is the Knelson cencentrating cone. And our new patented GX model delivers impressive recovery enhancements. By incorporating an advanced distribution of fluidisation water across the entire concentrating cone, the Knelson GX significantly improves recovery. The development of the Knelson GX concentrating cone has resulted in an innovative step change in overall coarse and fine gold recovery. Test data shows that gold recovery in all size faractions improved significantly with the GX cone. As with all Knelson concentrating cones, the GX model offers a robust design capable of operating at high G-forces, while maintaining long life and high availability. This new innovative cone design be retrofitted into operating units.
Technical advantages:
Please stay tuned for upcoming news and developments on how Consep and FLS Knelson can retrofit and implement the GX cones to your existing machines or supply for you next project!