Consep Hoist

A flexible materials movement solution offering on demand, safe and highly efficient materials movement and independence from cranes and tolerant to high winds.

The Consep Hoist is a versatile self-climbing materials hoist designed to eliminate dependence on the tower crane for efficient transport of formwork and other materials used in high rise construction.

The Consep Hoist boasts many safety functions and features, its key ability though is the movement and handling of large volumes of material, safely and quickly. The fully contained platform can be loaded and unloaded in a simple roll on, roll off manner using powered or non-powered pallet jacks eliminating the need for strapping, preventing loose items from falling while being lifted. This offers significant safety and efficiency advantages over traditional crane lifting of materials.

The Consep Hoist is unique in its ability to provide live deck and true day zero access to the poured deck, minimising formwork cycle times. Material can be rolled from the Consep Hoist to the live deck while still being formed, or to the freshly poured deck as soon as concrete has cured sufficiently to be walked on.

The Consep Hoist is Australian designed to meet all Australian and ISO design codes and carries the CE mark. Consep Hoists have been deployed throughout Australia and the world including USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Consep, an ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 45001 OHS Management Systems certified company, is available to meet your projects materials hoisting needs.

See below some of the key features the Consep Hoist can offer. Alternatively feel free to contact our team to see how we can assist with your project.

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  • Reduced cycle time

    On demand availability tolerant to high winds

  • Live Deck / Day Zero Access

    No load applied to highest level serviced

  • 100% Self Climbing

    Zero dependence on tower crane

  • Movable Landing Platform

    Maximum Flexibility


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