Smelting Packages

Customised solutions for your gold pouring requirements.

Consep’s 25 year experience in the gold industry has led us to develop custom packages for our clients to enable the smelting of gold bars. Consep has supplied smelting packages that are able to be integrated into a client gold room as well as turnkey packages that are self-contained in a 40’ shipping container.

The common feature of our packages is that we are able to supply all of the components you need to turn the gold product from your electrowinning cell or table into a gold bar. Smelting packages are typically customised to suit a specific customer’s needs and often have slight differences between them. What makes Consep unique is that our experience in the gold industry allows us to work closely with our clients to provide advice and recommendations on the best options available and then for us to tailor that package together for you.

Consep’s containerised turnkey smelting packages are complete gold rooms that consist of a secure 40’ container that is fully fitted out with ventilation systems, air conditioning, lighting, work bench, sink and shelving, and contain all of the minor equipment (oven, weigh scales, bar moulds etc). A spares package and the furnace-man’s safety and tools kit to allow simple set up of this secure package. We cover all the specialist equipment you need for the smelting package, right through to specialist furnace-mans protective clothing.

Consep can and has supplied everything you need from the scrubber or mill discharge through to the gold bar. Please feel free to contact our team to see how we can assist with your project

Gold Product
  • 25 Years

    Of hands on experience in the gold industry

  • Containerised Solutions

    Self-contained complete gold rooms

  • Complete Package

    From furnace to protective clothing, we have everything covered

  • Tailored Design

    To meet your unique project requirements

Major Smelting Package Clients